2011 Dunlop Abarth Champion Barry-John McHenry

For the 2011 season Barry-John switched teams, he moved from BT Racing to championship winning team Kellett Motorsport. This was a real good move for Barry-John as he felt he had the pace but just did not have the reliability with the car. As a warm up for the season ahead and a chance to race with his new team Barry-John did a Punto 1400 race in the Kellett Motorsport spare car and instantly got pole, it was his first time driving a Punto 1400 so a podium in the race brought a real good feeling for the season ahead.
The first round of the Dunlop Abarth Championship was in Mondello Park for Barry-John and his new team. A double win was the result and a better start could not of ever been dreamed of. He continued with 5 wins in a row. He eventually raped up the Championship in Kirkistown with a second place. He really dominated the season from Start to finish and was delighted to win his first ever racing championship. Especially in front of top drivers like Gordan Kellett, Noel Green, Gary Miller and John Denning.